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  Variety truly is the spice of life Stimulation, Arousal, and the Reactions Variations in the Vagina The Female Orgasm Explained!      

Hairy or Shaved

It seems the latest trend in cooch couture is a nicely trimmed bush. Some younger women actually prefer a bald (as in no-hair at all) pussy. We think hair is very sexy too. If we are being perfectly honestly, we like pussy hair styled anyway we can get it!! We even like a little under arm hair when the girl is sporting it :-) Girls with almost every imaginable pussy hair style masturbate to genuine, pulsating, pussy, orgasms for our members ...

Large Labia or Small

Meaty cooches, large labia and big clits are incredibley sexy ... just watching pussy lips flapping during masturbation or watching them quiver at the moment of orgasm is extremely erotic. But small labia and "clean" looking pussies are a huge turn on too, especially when they are sopping wet and slippery with pussy juices!

The Vulva, Clitoris & Vagina

A woman's pussy comes in an incredible variety of shapes, dimensions and styles. And that gets tailored even further by different hair styles, piercings and tattoos.

Add to that how the vagina reacts during arousal and orgasm - the kind and amount of juices that are produced, the pulsating, snapping or popping at the moment of climax, and the post orgasm quivering and throbbing - and you can imagine how different women can look as they get aroused to the point of orgasm!

Well ... we have been filming women getting off for nearly a decade, and it's all available to our members ...

Creamy or Clear Juices

Some girls ooze creamy and sticky pussy cum as they get more and more aroused. Others produce clear and stringy juices that can literally run out of their vagina, past their perineum and below their anus. Sometimes those juices drip right out onto whatever item they are sitting on! Knowing and seeing that these women are THAT aroused is one of the sexiest things ever!

Black or White

Black girls have the most amazing pussies - the dark outer lips contrasting starkly with the shiny pink vagina simply screams raw sex ... wow. And the blended contrasts of a white pussy snapping and pulsating during orgasm is enough to put anyone over the edge. And just about everything in between can be viewed and downloaded by our members too!

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